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(Solved): CIT-461 System Analysis and Design LabLab Assignment #10Data Design: Ajman Clinic Appointment System ...

CIT-461 System Analysis and Design Lab

Lab Assignment #10

Data Design: Ajman Clinic Appointment System

We have been working on Clinic Appointment Booking system until now in many previous lab assignments.

As previously mentioned, “Ajman Clinic” would like you to do the appointment booking system for them.

Previously, we discovered our data stores for the system, we had the patient data store, the appointment data store, the doctor data store and the schedule data store.

A patient can make zero or many appointments, an appointment can be made by one patient.

A patient can select one or many doctors, and a doctor can be selected by zero or many patients.

A doctor will have one schedule, a schedule belongs to one doctor.

Task 1: Entities, attributes and primary key

Based on previous knowledge of the system, build up for every data store/entity its attributes and identify the corresponding primary key.

Task 2: ERD and Foreign Key

For the entities found, create the corresponding ERD and indicates the foreign keys.

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