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(Solved): 2. Online resources for building product information include:a. First Sourceb. Builders Bargainsc. A ...

2. Online resources for building product information include:
a. First Source
b. Builders Bargains
d. 4specs.com

3. True or False? Specifications should be addressed to the product manufacturer, supplier, and installer, who actually purchase and install products.

4. True or False? A “RELATED DOCUMENTS” Article is required by CSI SectionFormat at the beginning of each Section of the Specifications, referencing and tying the Section to Division 00 - Procurement and Contracting Requirements and to Division 01- General Requirements.

6. Trustworthy sources for construction product recommendations include all but which of the following?
a. Design firm's history
b. Business colleagues
c. Trade shows
d. Well-known building product representatives
e. Unsolicited email

7. True or False? Residuary Legatee is a concept for identifying specific and general (residuary) applications for building products.

10. True or False? “RELATED SECTIONS” should be identified in each specifications Section and the specific relationship should be stated.

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