Refund Policy

Please read the following Revision and Refund Policy carefully, as it complements the terms of use which are legally binding agreement between you (the client) and the platform i.e.

  1. If you decide to cancel your order before the expert starts to work on it, a cancellation charge of 25% shall be levied on the total amount agreed between the platform & you. However, if the expert has already started the work then you will have the choice, either to continue with the order, or the expert will deduct an amount equivalent to work done along with a cancellation charge of 25% of the total agreed amount. This is because the expert who starts with your assignment should receive compensation for the work. Orders with deadline of 24 hours, or 24 hours are remaining to submit, shall not be allowed to cancel or refunded in any circumstances.
  2. If you notice that you were charged twice and you received two receipts from the payment processing system (i.e. or or other mode) , do not hesitate to contact us. Forward both receipts to us on the order page or through LIVE CHAT. You will always have an option of getting it recharged in the wallet or to get refunded in full within the in 7-10 business days.
  3. We always do our best to assign the most appropriate expert to work on your paper; however, it is still possible that on rare occasions, the expert is not available. If this does occur, we will do your next assignment of the same value FREE OF COST.
  4. Please make sure all paper details and additional materials are provided while placing the order. In very few cases the order could be delivered post the deadline due to, no or delayed response from the client, unavailability of the complete information or unavailability of research information. However, we always make best possible efforts to keep it on time & thus, proud to claim that punctuality rate has always been above 99.3%. In case of no response to the query in 24 hrs, if the expert completes the work after waiting, then no changes shall be entertained, or else if, the query is responded within/after 24 hrs. deadline could be extended as per the availability of the expert. Any request to stop the work shall be worked out as per Clause No. 1.
  5. The 100% satisfaction policy ensures that we will allow revision on the basis of initially provided guidelines & instructions till we meet them. However, it must be done as per time frame given in your payment plan. We will not entertain any rework / revision request post the stated time frame. Also, the time frame is calculated from the date of first submission & there is no refund in such cases for any given situation.
  6. Although it will never happen that you will get fail grade in your assignment; in case if it does we will do 50% refund in client wallet. However, the maximum available duration to claim is subject to the payment plan, i.e. 90(Ninety) days for Premium & Standard Payment Plans and 60(Sixty) days for Limited Payment Plan from the date of first complete submission or first submission in case of assignments required partial submissions. Any request after this time period shall not be entertained. The reason for refunding 50% amount is, that an expert takes payment from us in advance, so it's not possible for us to get the payment back from the expert. However, to ensure the quality of the future assignments, we shall take strict action against the expert which could lead even to termination of the services of that expert from our platform. The refund is NOT applicable for claims where, grades obtained are above 49.99%, OR failed grade is not received even if, marks are lesser than 50%.
  7. There are three different payment plans or categories to book any assignment – "Limited", "Standard" & "Premium". We certainly differentiate among the services and thus, charge basis the same. The categories differentiate on the basis of user ratings received by the experts on the basis of his/her service & many other benefits. One could also upgrade the order even after payment is made for a lower payment plan & enjoy the benefits of distinguished services. You can see the details while making the payment for any assignment.
  8. There is no cash refund policy (except clause no. 2) in this service, so if your claim is genuine (according to the above points) then we credit the wallet.
  9. There is no refund allowed after using the services for a plagiarism report, resume and pre-used assignment solutions.
Please note: If your claim does not fall under the above given categories then it will not be considered as valid and there will be no refund.

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