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(Solved): 7. It is unsafe to view which type of eclipses without special protection for your eyes.? A) a penu ...

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7. It is unsafe to view which type of eclipses without special protection for your eyes.? A) a penumbral Lunar C) a total lunar eclipse; eclipse; D) none-eclipses are not harmful B) a total solar eclipse: B. The shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere) occurs on and is called the - On this day the Sun never sets it you are at the A) Dec , summer solstice, tropic of cancer; B) June , fall equinox, arctic circle, C) Mar , spring equinox, tropic of Capricorn; D) Dec , winter solstice, Antarctic Circle; 9. From night to night, stars will rise above the eastern horizon , causing all stars to shift farther to the each night. This is caused by. A) about 4 minutes (or ) earlier, west, Earth's revolution around the Sun; B) about 2 minutes (or ) later, east, Earth's revolution around the Sun; C) about 4 minutes (or 19 ) earlier, east, tilt of the Earth's axis to the ecliptic: D) at the same time, south, precession of the Earth's axis. 10. Many ancient cultures have studied the heavens, organized star groups and developed beliefs about the sky. Which ancient culture first applied scientific principles and deductive logic to explain the pbjects and motions in the sky? A) Greeks B) Persians; C) Chinese; D) Mayan Indians 11. Which ancient astronomer was able to estimate the relative distances of the Sun and Moon from the Earth...? He also provided evidence that the Earth orbited the Sun. A) Eudoxus; C) Galileo B) Aristotle D) Aristarchus 12. A major contribution of Johannes Kepler to the development of modern astronomy was the: A) development of three laws that describe the heliocentric model of the solar system; B) use of parallax to prove the Earth moved around the Sun; C) careful observation of the Galilean moons of Jupiter;

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