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(Solved): A series circuit contains a 30.0 - mH inductor, a 3.00 - F capacitor, and a 100 - resistor conn ...

A series circuit contains a 30.0 - mH inductor, a 3.00 - μF capacitor, and a 100 - Ω resistor connected to a 120 - V (rms) source operating at 600 Hz. A) What is the maximum current?B) Does the voltage across the power supply lead or lag the current? C) At what frequency (in Hz) would the source need to operate for resonance to be attained?

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To answer your questions, we'll need to apply the principles of series circuits and resonance. Let's go through each question one by one:

A) To find the maximum current, we need to calculate the impedance of the circuit and then use Ohm's law. The impedance (Z) of a series RL circuit is given by: Z = sqrt((R^2) + ((Xl - Xc)^2))   where R is the resistance, Xl is the inductive reactance, and Xc is the capacitive reactance. The inductive reactance and capacitive reactance are given by:

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