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(Solved): Answer ALL the questions in this section. QUESTION 1 (20 Marks) Other orgarisatons may leam many gr ...

Answer ALL the questions in this section. QUESTION 1 (20 Marks) Other orgarisatons may leam many grod practces form Siemens in their efforts to achieve stralegic gralk and objectives. Examine the case study and discuss the best practioss and stralegies that were implemerted by Siemens that you would recommend other orgarisations to adopt. Apply examples from the case studj to outine the stralegic bereffits of such practices. QUESTION 2 (20 Marks) Siemens uses both on-the-job training and off-the-job trairing methods to equip new and exising employees with the required skils. With the aid of relevant examples and theory. provide a crtical analysis of on-the -job training methods used by Siemens. SECTIONB [60 Marks] Answer ANY THREE (3) questions in this section. QUESTION 3 [20 Marks] Conducting the Training needs analysis alows an orgarisabon to focus its etlots on areas of training that are necessary for employees to swocesstuly carry out training interventions that will address strategic needs. Crtically discuss the relevance of the varous types of Trairing needs analpis. Provide approptale examples to substantale you answer. QUESTION 4 The Mindamental parpose of evalusing a raining program is to gain krowledje abour whether it has achieved or faled its objectives. Analyaing the training event by using appropriste evaluation tools can improve the outcome of tuture trainings to a considersble extend. In The cortext of this statemert, exsmine the sigrificance and application of Lirmpaticks Evaluasion Framework in determining the succoss of vraining in the work enviroment. Apply selevent examples to support your answer. OUESTION 5 [20 Marks] People and organisations do not change easily. There is a significant amount of resstance to new ways of working and thinking. Whe change, comes riak and uncertainty, so it is natural for people and teams to be hesitant. To advise managers of your organisabon on managing change, cntically discuss how they should effectively apply an 8 --tep process for leading organisadional change. QUESTION 6 Ellective training is never approached as a one-sice-ft-al method. This means that every team, deparment, and company can chocse the best raining methods for their partcular needs. With reference to relevart enamples, critcally dscuss the use of claszroom training approaches for conterporary organisations.

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