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(Solved): c. It is left-over radiation from the initial 'big bang'; D. It is an explanation for Oibers Parado ...

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c. It is left-over radiation from the initial 'big bang'; D. It is an explanation for Oibers Paradox. 97. Which of the following statements is true about the first few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang ....? A The Universo was completely lonized and opaque (could nee nowhere): B. The Universe was extremely cold; C. Hydrogen immediately began fusing into hellum; D. Galaxies began to form from hydrogen clouds. 98. What is the Drake Equation...? A. One of the two laws of motion by Sir Frances Drake; B. A formula for estimating the number of technological civilizations in our galaxy; C. A mathematical simulation of how alien life forms should look; D. a formula used by the author of 'War of the Worlds' to describe Martian spaceships. 99. Assuming there are intelligent civilizations in other star systems, why have they not communicated with us...? A. They are too far away for radio signals to reach us: B. They do not care about or want to communicate with other 'aliens'; C. Their civilization has already died out, or not matured yet (given the eons of time); D, Maybe all of the above. 100. What are primary reason(s) MOST scientists do not believe aliens could have ever Visited the Earth (in the past or in the future)....? A. The extremely small chance of an advanced civilization occurring in our region of this galaxy, plus the extreme distances between stars; B. The proven impossibility of life forming anywhere else in the Universe. C. The large number of inhabitable planets that have been detected; D. The lack of water anywhere in the cosmos.

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