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(Solved): Choosen company is HARTALEGA HOLDINGS BERHAD. Part 1 a. A list of companies will be given to student ...


student submitted image, transcription available below
Part 1 a. A list of companies will be given to students. All the companies are listed in Bursa Malaysia. b. Each group must first decide 'Sector' e.g construction, next each student in the group must choose ONE (1) company in the same sector listed below. c. Go to Bursa Malaysia website and search for 2022 Annual Report for the chosen company. d. Download the company annual report and look for the financial statement report. e. The accounting period for the analysis must be two years financial statements and using information on "group" or some report use "consolidated" financial statements in the presentation of the annual report. f. Based on Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statements of Financial Position, you need to calculate a financial ratios (show your workings). Based on your calculation, interpret, and analyze the company performance, for the year 2022 and 2021, based on the following categories of ratio: Liquidity: i. Current ratio ii. Quick ratio Asset Management: i. Inventory turnover ii. Receivables turnover iii. Total assets turnover iv. Average collection period Debt Management: i. Total debt ratio ii. Times interest earned ratio. Profitability: i. Net profit margin ii. Return on asset. iii. Return on equity.

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