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(Solved): Create a PowerPoint Presentation on a CITY you would like to visit. You need to include the followin ...

Create a PowerPoint Presentation on a CITY you would like to visit. You need to include the following slide elements as explained in the directions below. Directions: The presentation should be a minimum of 6 slides. o One slide should explain why you picked this city and/or why you wish to visit it. o One slide should include a numbered list that explains four things you would like to do or see in that city. o At least two slides should provide additional information about the city including the history of the city, demographics of the city and other interesting things about the city such as the culture, native food, current events, etc. o One slide should have a picture as the background of the slide Use at least 3 different types of slides in your presentation. Select a Design Theme o Change the color theme of the original design theme you selected. Modify your font o Your text should have at least 3 different font types. o You should change the font color of some of your text. Include Text Effects/WordArt as your title for the Title Slide Include a SmartArt Graphic on one slide Insert at least 1 Clip Art/Picture per slide to match the topic of the presentation. o Use the Picture Tools to change the format of each of the the ClipArt/Pictures you insert. Insert Text Animations on 6 text or graphical elements in your slides Insert Slide Transitions between all slides; do not use more than two different types of slide transitions in the entire presentation. Insert a Sound Clip on one slide. Also, be creative, innovative, and detail oriented with your presentation. You will need to search the Internet to find information or pictures about the city of your choice

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