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(Solved): Discuss the factor effecting broadening. Which type(s) of broadening is/are predominant in which sta ...

Discuss the factor effecting broadening. Which type(s) of broadening is/are predominant in which states of matter? What are the factors on which spectral line intensity depends on? State Lambert's Law and Beer's Law and hence get the relation of absorbance with concentration and path length of the sample. What would be the percentage transmittance of a sample of


if absorbance of


of that solution with same apparatus would be 0.8 . A


solution of a substance absorbs


of incident ray. What would be the percentage of transmittance of light if the path length is doubled? The UV spectra are much broader than IR spectrum - why? What would be the temperature for which population ratio between two energy levels is


for energy difference of


? UV spectroscopy Draw Jablonski diagram and hence define the photophysical radiative and the non-radiative dissipation processes. The lifetime of phosphorescence is greater than fluorescence lifetime - why? Fluorescence frequency is generally greater than phosphorescence frequency - explain. The absorption frequency is greater than the emission one - explain. What do you mean by Franck-Condon Principle, what is its consequences. What is predissociation? The absorption and emission frequency would be same if the equilibrium bond length is same in ground and excited electronic states - explain. IR spectroscopy Write down the energy expression for vibrational motion. Hence explain zero point energy. Find out the population ratio between ground and

1^(st )

excited vibrational levels for the system of fundamental vibration at


. Which vibrational modes of


are IR active and why? The vibrational wavenumber of




. What would be the wavenumber of


if the bond strength for both the cases are same? [Given: molecular wt.


] Between ketone and carboxylic acid which one will absorb lower frequency for


mode and why? How could you differentiate salicylaldehyde and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde? What would be the IR stretching frequency for ethylene for






which one would absorb lower frequency? How could you differentiate through IR frequency - methyl benzoate and phenyl acetate? NMR What kind of transformation happen for NMR spectroscopy? Why is it less sensitive than the other spectroscopic techniques? Why does NMR spectra is represented in relative scale? Why is tetramethylsilane (TMS) used as reference in NMR spectroscopy? Why is the sample size high for NMR spectroscopy relative to other spectroscopy? Why does acetylenic proton absorb in upfield region than ethylenic proton? Demonstrate the NMR spectra of pure and impure


State and explain the position of NMR signal for benzene and cyclobutadiene. For methoxy benzene meta-hydrogen absorb in more downfield region than the ortho and para hydrogen in NMR spectra - explain. Explain the NMR spectra of 18 annulene.

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