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(Solved): Lab5 - Design and Develop a Web Service Component Lab Description: The purpose of this project is ...

Lab5 - Design and Develop a Web Service Component Lab Description: The purpose of this project is to give students opportunity to design and development software components in Web Service form that provide useful business logics and functions and as middle ware objects. Each student should design and develop the program using Microsoft Visual Studio development tool. The software components should be documented and tested. Lab Requirement: Each student must identify at least 1 or 2 business function that using data stored in a database. Then design and develop a web service component using MS Visual Studio or other programming tools, such REST API. You need to test the web service in a web application that uses/consume this web service component. Project Deliverable: Each student must submit the following documents by the due date: A short description about the function provided by the components. An Application Program Interface (API). Screen shots show how their comments works A zip file that contains all the program code (suggest you compress the whole folder that contains all your code into a zip file). Hits: You need create two projects under the same solution. One for web application project. Another one for web service project. Please select the right project types as show in videos. The best way to test your middleware components is to create a simple web application with a presentation layer (a web form) which to call the web service component since the middleware program does not have any visual presentations.

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