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(Solved): make sure all answers are correct 16) Chronic myelogenous leukemia is often treated with: A) Stauros ...

make sure all answers are correct

student submitted image, transcription available below
16) Chronic myelogenous leukemia is often treated with: A) Staurosporine, and inhibitor of PKC B) Heroeptin, a molecule that inhibits Her2 C) Erbitux, an antibody that binds to the EGFR and prevents EGF binding D) Gleevec, a small molecule that binds to and inhibhts the ber-abl kinase E) a potent inhibitor of kinase 17) Why can't cells continuously use the breakdown of glucose to pyruvate to generate energy without further conversion of pyruvate via fermentation? A) the rate of energy production by glycolysis alone is too slow for cells' biochernical reactions B) the amount of energy produced by glyoolysis alone is insufficient to fuel cell growth C) the amount of inorganie phosphate available becomes limiting D) the electron acceptor reduced during glycolysis must be regenerated E) the complete breakdown of pyruvate is necessary to produce the carbon dioxide needed by cells 18) Which of the following statements is consistent with the structure of biologieal membranes? A) All membrane proteins are integral and associate with the hydrophobic region of the membrane. B) Both proteins and lipids readily undergo transverse ("flip-flop") diffusion from the inside to the outside of the membrane. C) Membranes are symmetric. D) The membrane lipids could self-assemble to form the lipid bilayer. E) A biological membrane consists of proteins sandwiched between two layers of lipids, which are referred to as a lipid bilayer. 19) Which of the following is correct concerning the sarcoplasmic reticulum Car: ATPase? A) It is an example of an ABC transporter that interconverts between closed and open forms. B) It transports from the sarcoplasmic reticulum into the cytoplasm. C) This P-type ATPase maintains a Carzcone of approximately in cytosol and in the sarooplasmic reticulum. D) One is transported for each ATP hydrolyzed. E) None of the answers is correct. 20) What is substrate level phosphorylation? A) phosphorylation of AMP by ATP B) phosphorylation of ATP conpled to an ion gradient C) phosphorylation of glyoolytic intermediates D) ATP symthesis when the phosphate donor is a substrate with high phosphoryl transfer potential B) ATP and AMP synthesis from two molecules of ADP 21) Regarding isozymes hexokinase and glucokinase, which of the following is true? A) glucokinase has a hipher affinity and higher Km that hexokinase B) glucokinase has a Lower affinity and higher Km than heovkinase C) hexokinase is only expressed in liver celis D) hexolanase produces glueose-1phosphate in ghoolysis B) Buth cause glacose export from the cell 22) The binding of to the roceptor results in the release of from the eadoplasmic reticulum. A) sodiam B) calcium C) hydrogen D) nitrogen E) oxygen 23) The catalytically active form of the insulin receptos is a resalt of phosphorylation of specifie residues in the intracellulier portion of rocoptor. A) threonine. B) glycine C) tyrosine D) aspartate B) glutamate

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