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(Solved): Matt and Maria have spent a significant amount of time together and have begun a sexual relationship ...

Matt and Maria have spent a significant amount of time together and have begun a sexual relationship. They are both over 21 years old and have agreed to be in a consenting relationship. Maria utilizes the rhythm method as her preferred method of birth control. Several weeks ago she did not menstruate on the dates anticipated by her rhythm method of birth control. This week her menstruation did not occur when expected and thus she has now missed two consecutive menstrual periods. Anticipating that she might be pregnant, she immediately obtained a pregnancy test from the local pharmacy and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Although excited about the prospects of having a child, she reflects on her life style during the past several months and recalls with major concern that she and Matt have partied regularly and extensively, consuming significant amounts of alcohol on several occasions. Consider the following as you proceed through your research and discussion of the events now occurring in the lives of Matt and Maria.

1. What are the pros and cons of the rhythm method? How far is Maria in her pregnancy? Show how you derived your estimate.

2. What could the couple have done to prevent this incidence from occurring?

3. What type of physiologic processes takes place during the menstrual cycle? Name the hormones in the cycle and their levels throughout the cycle.

4. What hormone would be evident in her urine? Describe this hormone and what it does to help ensure pregnancy.

5. Describe how and when an ovum is released during a typical menstrual cycle.

6. What are the effects of alcohol on a human embryo in utero? Discuss fetal alcohol syndrome and the possibility of Maria’s unborn child being affected by this disorder?

7. Apart from unplanned pregnancy, what is the major health risk associated with unprotected sex? Describe the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of two examples of this group of infection.

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