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(Solved): Page 1 of 3 Instructions: Each assignment will include a PDF file (like this one) with the assignmen ...

Page 1 of 3 Instructions: Each assignment will include a PDF file (like this one) with the assignment questions and an Excel file, with an Answers sheet and any data or models that we provide you with. You must download both the PDF and Excel files. You have to enter your answers in the Answers sheet of the same Excel file you have downloaded, then save and upload the Excel file. You must upload the same Excel file you downloaded. Further instructions are provided in the Online Assignment Tools Guide (see Assignments in eClass). Put your answers in the appropriate cells (salmon-colored cells) in the Answers sheet. Use paste special ... values for all numerical answers. The other cells in the Answers sheet are locked, which means you won’t be able to enter values into those cells. Do not change the format of cells in the Answers sheet. Save your file with the appropriate name and in the appropriate format (“HW#_ID.xlsx”). Marking will be based on the answers in the Answers worksheet of the file you upload. We will only look at the rest of the file if there is an appeal (and even then, the answers in the Answers sheet take precedence.) If you wish to appeal a mark, then the file you uploaded must include your supporting work for each question. It is a good idea to make one worksheet for each question. Total points: 25, of which 1 point is for following the submission instructions provided above. Preliminary Questions (4 pts.) 1. (1 pt.) I understand that I must attend the lab section I am registered in for all in-lab quizzes. a. Yes b. No 2. (1 pt.) I understand that it is my responsibility to read the course outline (syllabus) and schedule and ask for clarification if necessary. a. Yes b. No 3. (1 pt.) Do you have access to a home computer (desktop or laptop) with an Internet connection? a. Yes, a Windows PC b. Yes, a Mac c. Yes, other d. No 4. (1 pt.) Do you have MS Office on your computer? a. Yes, MS Office for Windows b. Yes, MS Office for Mac c. No Fisheries Management Model (20 pts.) These questions are based on the model that we discussed in the first lecture. Some parameters have been changed. • The lake currently has 8,000 trout • Carrying capacity = 60,000 trout • Trout population at the end of August: PAug = PApr + a ´ (1 – (PApr/ capacity)) ´ PApr, where a = 0.5 • Each fishing license can be sold for $14.99 in any year • The discount rate is 5% • The planning horizon is 31 years (Year 0 to Year 30) • The end-of-horizon population should be at least 10,000. OM 352, Winter 2024 HW 1 Assigned: Jan 11, 2024, 5 PM Due: Jan 17, 2024, 11:59 PM Page 2 of 3 5. (1 pt.) The “number of fish to catch in the first year” in the fish model is: a) An input b) An output 6. (1 pt.) The “NPV” in the fish model is: a) An input b) An output

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