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(Solved): QUESTION 1 (20 Marks) "Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD) has a responsibility to provide s ...

QUESTION 1 (20 Marks) "Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD) has a responsibility to provide strategies, training, and development opportunities to help organisations and their employees to achieve their business goals (Tseng and McLean, 2007)." Based on the information presented in the article, critically discuss the extent to which SAA's approach to Human Resource Development (HRD) is strategic. QUESTION 2 (20 Marks) The report by the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation includes an evaluation of the training that the SAA pilots, who temporarily lost control of the Airbus


on the Johannesburg-Frankfurt flight, underwent. Based on the information presented in the article, critically discuss the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation's evaluation of the SAA pilots' training from the perspective of Kirkpatrick's evaluation framework. SECTION B [60 MARKS] Answer ANY THREE (3) questions in this section. QUESTION 3 (20 Marks) "Changes in the nature of work have resulted in employer and employee confusion regarding who holds the responsibility for employee career development. While employees look to organisations to help them manage their careers, organisations question how much career support they should provide to their employees without stripping away employees' abilities for career self-management" (Cline and Kisamore, 2008). Critically discuss whether career management is the responsibility of the individual employee or the organisation. QUESTION 4 (20 Marks) Fashion Trends is a large, national clothing retailer with 86 stores across South Africa. The chief executive officer (CEO) wishes to implement a management development programme within the company. The CEO has asked you, a strategic training consultant, to assist Fashion Trends with the rollout of the management development programme. As your first task, you are required to prepare an email to the Executive Committee of Fashion Trends in which you detail the key issues which need to be considered when implementing a management development programme. Include examples in your email that are relevant to Fashion Trends' context. QUESTION 5 (20 Marks) CapeCraft Furnishings, a leading furniture manufacturer, is facing a crisis. The company has embarked on a growth strategy and has recently employed 18 operators to meet the increased production demand. As these 18 , newly recruited operators were not skilled in working on CapeCraft's production machinery, the company provided them with comprehensive classroom-based training, which was three days in duration, arming them with theoretical knowledge on the intricacies of furniture manufacturing machinery. However, a critical element was overlooked - the absence of on-thejob training. This oversight has given rise to a production floor where the lack of practical experience is evident in the poor quality of the furniture being manufactured. CapeCraft's products are now being produced with irregularities and imperfections. Moreover, the consequences extend beyond aesthetics, as some operators find themselves susceptible to injuries due to a lack of hands-on guidance, highlighting the urgent need for a re-evaluation of the training approach to ensure both product quality and employee safety. The Executive Committee at CapeCraft Furnishings has contracted you, a Human Resource Development (HRD) Specialist, to assist them. Write an email to the Executive Committee in which you recommend specific training programmes and methods to address the identified issues. Provide reasons to motivate why the training methods that you recommend are appropriate. QUESTION 6 (20 Marks) "HRD scholars advocate the use of coaching as an intervention within the performance management context" (Brown, Kane and McCracken , 2019). Critically discuss how managers should go about incorporating coaching in their performance appraisal meetings with employees. Include appropriate examples to show the application of theory.

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