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(Solved): Step by step please S7. Rain falls with a velocity of (26k) where and k are unit vect ...

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Step by step please

S7. Rain falls with a velocity of where and are unit vectors in the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively. At what angle does the rain hit the ground? A cyclist travels through the rain at and notices the rain appearing to fall at a angle into her face. What is the velocity of the cyclist? S8. A ball is fired with angle of projection with respect to the horizontal and an initial speed of under the action of gravity. Find its position when it is at its greatest height. S9. A mass is suspended from a string under gravity. What is the tension in the string? The string is then pulled upwards and the mass accelerates upwards with an acceleration of . What is the new tension in the string? 10. A mass of is projected along a mostly smooth horizontal surface with initial velocity . It passes over a rough section, during which time of heat is released due to friction. Its final velocity after emerging from this rough section is . Find its initial velocity .

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