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(Solved): Table 3-1 1 \table[[\table[[Ground]],Sunil's,Mia's,\table[[Rest of],[Market]],Market],[\table[[Prate ...

Table 3-1 1 \table[[\table[[Ground]],Sunil's,Mia's,\table[[Rest of],[Market]],Market],[\table[[Prate per lb.],[(dollars)]],\table[[Quantity],[Demanded],[(Ibs)]],\table[[Quantity],[Demanded],[(Ibs)]],\table[[Quantity],[Demanded],[(Ibs)]],\table[[Quantity],[Demanded],[(Ibs)]]],[


,4,0,30,],[6,7,2,40,],[5,9,3,51,],[4,12,5,64,],[3,15,8,90,]] Refer to Table 3-1. The table above shows the demand schedules for ground coffee of two individuals (Sunil and Mia) and the rest of the market. At a price of


, the quantity demanded in the market would be


. 76 lbs 146 lbs. 63 lbs.

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