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(Solved): \table[[,COLUMN A,COLUMN B],[1.,\table[[These are products that consumers are either],[ignorant abo ...

\table[[,COLUMN A,COLUMN B],[1.,\table[[These are products that consumers are either],[ignorant about or know about but would normally],[not buy.]],(a) Category killers],[2.,\table[[An organisation seeks to gain greater dominance],[in a market in which it already has an offering]],(b) Reliability],[3.,\table[[People will tend to screen out most of the],[information to which they are exposed.]],(c) Unsought products],[4.,\table[[People born between 1930 and 1946. They],[experienced Rock 'n Roll but are now elderly],[pensioners.]],(d) Marketing plan],[5.,\table[[A measure of the probability that a product will not],[malfunction or fail within a specified time period.]],(e) Differentiated marketing],[6 .,\table[[The process that turns marketing plans into action],[assignments.]],(f) Market-penetration strategy],[7.,\table[[Using this strategy, the firm targets several market],[segments and develops separate offers for each.]],(g) Selective attention],[8.,\table[[These are giant speciality stores that carry a very],[deep assortment of a particular line and they have],[a knowiedgeable staff:]],(h) Implementation],[9.,\table[[A written document that summarises what the],[marketer has learned about the marketplace.]],(i) The production concept],[,\table[[Consumers will choose products that are],[available, affordable and suitable for them.]],(j) The Depression generation]]

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