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(Solved): ***There are a total of 7 questions, I would be very happy if you could help me solve them all sepa ...

***There are a total of 7 questions, I would be very happy if you could help me solve them all separately in an explanatory way? 1) Demand for heart transplant surgery at a hospital has decreased steadily in the past few years: 58-56-52-50. The director of medical services predicted 5 years ago that demand in year 1 would be 60 surgeries. a. Use exponential smoothing with a constant of 0.6 to develop a forecast for year 5. (8 points) b. Use a 2-year moving average to forecast demand in year 5 . (3 potnts) c. Which one of the two methods produces a more accurate forecast? Use MAD metric. (8 points) 2) A company needs a distribution center to improve its responsiveness. It has to serve 6 markets having these locations:


, and


. The loads for these markets are


, 5 , and 10, respectively. By applying the center of gravity method, find a solution for the possible location of the new distribution center. (12 points) 3) Demand for fasteners at WWG is 240,000 boxes per year. The holding cost at WWG is


of the price per unit per year. Each order incurs a fixed cost of


. The supplier offers an all-unit quantity discount pricing scheme with a price of


per box for the first 20,000 , a price of


per unit for the quantity between 20,000 and 50,000 , and


per unit for the quantity above 50,000 units. How many boxes should WWG order per replenishment? (21 points) 4) First Printing Co. has contracts with legal firms in San Francisco to copy their court documents. Daily demand is almost constant at 12,500 pages of documents. The lead time for paper delivery is normally distributed with a mean of 4 days and a standard deviation of 1.2 days. A


service level is targeted. Compute the ROP. (8 points) 5) JRS Medical Ltd. produces portable kidney dialysis units and other medical products and develops a 3-month aggregate plan. Demand and capacity (in units) are forecasted as follows: Producing each dialysis unit costs


on regular time,


on overtime, and


on a subcontract. Inventory carrying cost is


per unit per month. There is to be no beginning and ending inventory in stock and backorders are not permitted. Set up a production plan model that aims to minimize the total cost using the transportation method. (16 points) 6) The following jobs are waiting to be processed at the same machine center. Jobs are recorded as they arrive. In what sequence would the jobs be ranked according to a. SPT? (s points) b. EDD? (5 points) c. Which job sequence is the best according to the average job lateness criterion? (3 points) d. Which job sequence is the best according to the average number of jobs in the system criterion? (3 points) 7) Explain briefly the differences between MRP, MRP II, DRP, and ERP. (8 points)

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