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(Solved): tilold, A) Possospes an lonized and oondueting laver in las ntmosphere; D) auper eonducting hydroge ...

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tilold, A) Possospes an lonized and oondueting laver in las ntmosphere; D) auper eonducting hydrogen in the mantie plus rapid planefary rotation. 49. What are the nambes of the four inner moons of Jupiter that were flest seen by Camlee. In correct order from Jupiter outwerd....? A) Io, Europa, Deimos, Callistos B) Titian, Pan, Io, Triton; C) to, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto: D) to, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto: 50. What characteristic of Saturn's moon Titian makes it different from any other moon in the solar system...? A) Titian is volcanically active, with soveral large 'ammonia' vents; B) Titian has geyser-like plumes of liquid nitrogen on its surtace; C) Titian has a permanent and dense atmosphere; D) Titian maintains a 'methane cycle' similar to the water cycie on Earth; methane exists on the surface in solid, liquid and gas form. 51. The major planet whose spin axis lles almost in the plane of the ecliptic is the planet: A) Neptune; B) Uranus; C) Mars; D) Saturn. 52. The Roche Limit for a given planet can be defined as the: A) distance beyond which the orbital velocity of a body in a Keplerian orbit is greater than the escape velocity for that satellite; B) distance inside of which a solid satellite (e.g. a solid rock) will be pulled apart by differential gravitational forces; C) outer extent of the magnetic field of a planet, or limit of its magnetosphere; D) maximum distance at which a planet can create tides on an orbiting moon or sate that can overcome the gravitational attraction holding pleces of the moon togeth 53. A meteor shower results from: A) a massive impact on the Moon creates debris in space, which the Earth then

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