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(Solved): using the netflix data for this assignment: For each question below (1-4), you must include the foll ...

using the netflix data for this assignment: For each question below (1-4), you must include the following to obtain full credit: ● Identification Query: A single SELECT query showing the data needing cleaning (e.g. SELECT * FROM table WHERE column_name = 'None Given') ● Update Query: The query that performs the update to the table ● Validation Query: A query validating the change ● Rationale Comment: A comment explaining the purpose of the modification and the logic behind your choice. These rationales should be 2-3 sentences in length. Questions 1. Locate values in a single column that are not null but represent missing, incorrect, or inconsistent data. For example: ○ Zeros in a column where a numeric value should be present ○ NA, Not Applicable, or other similar values ○ Values that fall outside the normal range of values for the column Choose one of the following actions to perform on this one column: a. Change the values so that they are correctly labeled and recognized by SQL as NULL values b. Modify the values to more accurately represent the data (such as replacing them with the column's mean) c. Remove the data containing these values 2. Repeat Step 1 using a different method (e.g. a, b, or c from above) on a different column. 3. Group similar values (i.e. - Sr., Senior, Sr from the video), misspelled, or inconsistent data for one column to make the data correct and consistent. Only one group of similar values need to be cleaned, not the entire column. 4. Choose an additional method of data cleaning, not previously utilized in this assignment, that was demonstrated either in the textbook or in the videos. Your selected method should be done with the purpose to make the data more useful. We want to see that you really understand how to clean and manipulate data well, so carefully consider your approach, ensuring it demonstrates a thoughtful and skillful handling of the data. It should be something completely different to anything that you have done in previous steps.

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