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(Solved): who are the stakeholders in health insurance company? ...

who are the stakeholders in health insurance company?

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Sure, I'll provide a detailed explanation of the stakeholders in a health insurance company:
Policyholders: These are the individuals or organizations that purchase health insurance plans from the company. They are the primary stakeholders as they are the ones who pay premiums and expect coverage for their medical expenses.

Policyholders may have different needs and preferences when it comes to health insurance plans, and the insurance company must strive to meet those needs to keep them satisfied.

2.. Healthcare providers: These include hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who provide medical services to policyholders. Healthcare providers are stakeholders because they rely on insurance companies to pay them for the services they provide to policyholders. In turn, they can influence policyholder satisfaction with their health insurance plans.

The insurance company must maintain good relationships with healthcare providers to ensure a smooth claims process and timely payments.

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